Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eight degrees, wind 30 mph, but on the money.

We got a new guy Jeremy and his crew working on the Shack. On days when most crews would bang in, he arrived before daylight to hustle and move and get us closed in. We are framing in the walls 20" OC with 2x8" commons. Shortly she'll be wrapped, and the window order is going in today. Two days ago when this was taken it was 8 degrees and wind whipping at 30-40 mph., so wind chills well below zero. It's a good thing I'm on site because every other hour there is a good Q that arises that I have to take a reading on and give an answer to before proceeding.

It's amazing what some new blood can do for your attitude and for your project. I was getting tired of looking at an ark on stilts.

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