Sunday, June 12, 2011

The light.

After a brutal winter that would not end, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

This winter we turned on the heat and it was nice and cozy inside. The radiant floor works great thanks to Johnny the plumber.

The sheet rockers spent six weeks getting the drywall up. Working around all the timbers, it came out pretty good.

Then Roger the painter came in and did the whole house at a pretty reasonable price. He sanded the burrs off the raw timbers, post and beams, and gave them a coat of Watco Natural. And yes, that is the natural color due to weathering as I had the timbers stockpiled outside for maybe two years.

My 85 year old electrician Gordon and his son are back doing the finishing wiring. I am helping out on the weekends when I get a chance, but mowing and firewood processing consumes a lot of time as well.

Jeremy begins laying the flooring upstairs next week. We are going with plank flooring, 8" Southern Yellow Pine, that I will then distress. After that, the wood grain tile flooring will be laid downstairs over the radiant heat slab.